Get Real With Customers, Get Engaged


Giving back to your audience and customer base is one sure way to connect them to your brand. The company “brand” becomes more than a label or name, but an actual community of people who identify with your story. Customer engagement here is key.Since the recession, consumers have been more emotionally inclined in how they choose to spend their hard earned money. Consumers won’t just throw away money, but would prefer that businesses earn their dollars. At least, feel as though they have.

The good news is that consumers are slowly spending more money, in comparison with being reserved after the recession hit. That being said, they are being cautious and choosing to give money to companies they feel connected to in a positive way. This consumer mindset benefits companies which focus on customer engagement and service. These companies build communities around their product and treat customers like members of their close-knit community. Business growth hinges on the overall consumer’s psychological connection to the company or brand. If this tie is secure and strong, consumers will be more inclined to spend money.

According to Gallup, customer engagement and loyalty is based on two factors: the emotional factor and the rational factors. In fact, customers’ buying decisions derive mostly from the heart rather than the head. Hence, why customer engagement is key. Gallup points out that feelings are facts in the minds of consumers; therefore, feelings and emotional attachments to products or companies translates into dollars.

To Gallup there are three customer types: the fully engaged customer, the indifferent customer and the actively disengaged customer. The fully engaged customer has the emotional connection the product as well as being rationally loyal to it. They will commit to only dealing with that brand over alternatives. They feel apart of the company’s community and what the brand stands for. As compared to the indifferent or disloyal customer who is not actively seeking a deeper relationship with the brand or company.

Encouraging customer engagement matters. Offering your customers free information and resources via social media or white papers is one form of communication which will foster more meaningful relationships.