Storage Wars: How To File Like A Pro



Filing can take valuable time out of your day, but with a few tips you can learn to file your documents such as spreadsheets and presentations more efficiently. You will cut down on time and save yourself the hassle of more work than what is necessary. Check out some of the tips below for filing like a pro:

Tip 1: Don’t collect everything that finds its way to your desk. Only save documents that are essential or useful. Nothing is worse than an over-cluttered filing cabinet.

Tip 2: Keep related documents together. For every past and ongoing project, keep the associated spreadsheets, presentations and documents in one file.

Tip 3: Follow a consistent filing method. This includes naming your files and folders in a pattern in order to keep everything more consistent. Use sub-folders or shortened names. Whatever you do- always maintain consistency!

Tip 4: Avoid filing cabinet clutter at all cost! Maintaing clean and organized cabinets will save you time and energy when you need to find a document.

Tip 5: Keep completed and new project files separate. Don’t throw everything in the same cabinet. Consider keeping ongoing documents on your desk until you have finished the task and are ready to file.