Scoring Your Top Passive Hires

Your ideal hire might already have another job with a competing company, so therefore, he or she is a passive candidate. You should never give up on a passive candidate if he or she is the perfect fit for the position you are trying to fill. Because you are dealing with a passive candidate. you’ll need handle the situation differently than if you are dealing with an active candidate. Those candidates who are actively searching for jobs will be sending your resumes, pursuing interviews, and networking with members of your company. You’ll need to attract and pursue the passive job candidates that you want in your company because they will be occupied doing a good job in their current positions. If you want to attract passive candidates who might be better fits than the active job seekers, you’ll need take key measures to ensure that they hear about your company and its mission. According to a recent article. here are a few tips for hiring your ideal employee:


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Blog actively. Blog about your industry and its hot topics in an informative way so that even when candidates are passive they are still aware of your company’s presence and its purpose. Focus on the most current up-to-date topics in the industry. Write about what people are interested in and about issues that people in the industry want to discuss more.

Look back through your resume files. When realizing you need to hire someone for a position, flip back through your old resume files because you might find a candidate you overlooked in the past for a different position.

Find out what motivates hires you want. Passive candidates are most likely not searching for a new position unless they are motivated by the mission or objectives of another company. Begin a dialogue with passive candidates about what their motivations are in order to know what it will take to drive them away from their old job to your company.

Meet face to face. You most likely will begin recruiting online, but this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t meet candidates in person to know if you get along and if they’d be a good fit. Remember not to be pushy or aggressive. Provide them information about the industry and display your expertise.

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