Sites That Help You Track Trends

The Internet is rapidly progressing toward providing us with real-time information, which makes us knowing about what’s happening exactly at the time when it happens incredibly significant. Tracking trends in order to be up-to-date on the most current information is increasingly important. A recent article provides a few tips for keeping up with the latest trends:


Tip 1: Tracking popular videos on the Internet. If you need a way to track trending Internet videos, try using The site combines all of the trending, most popular videos from the biggest social media video sites including YouTube, Vimeo, and Daily Motion. The site provides information on the video views, reviews, and what will be trending next. The site helps you find viral videos ahead of time before they explode across then Internet.

Tip 2: Tracking trends on Twitter. Try using Trendistic in order to watch trends. The site shows you the popular trends as well as what was being tweeted at the time the trends began. Other services will only show you what’s popular but won’t go into more detail about the circumstances surrounding the trending news.

Tip 3: Tracking popular searches. To follow what people are searching and what searches are trending, check out the following sites: Google Trends Hot List, Google Trends, and Trendy Bing. Google Trends Hot List provides you with the current, hottest searches as close to then they are happening as possible. Trendy Bing uses Google Trends, but put them on Bing and adds videos and photos.

Tip 4: Tracking popular images. Digg Images is the source of finding out which images are becoming the most popular on the Internet. Digg also includes popular videos as well as news, but the site especially showcases the most popular, trending images.

Tip 5: Tracking news trends. To figure out the most popular news headlines, take advantage of Newsmap. The site is a particularly good tool to help you hone in on a particular news topic or location. The site allows you to scan the headlines in order to quickly grasp what’s popular. This way you do not waste time reading multiple news sites or articles.