How To Manage Your Social Media In Business

With any business, social media can be the tool you need in order to gain exposure, leads, and overall growth. The ability to manage social media accounts to gain followers and sell products will most likely further your business and promote sales. For the future of businesses, social media marketing and management are significant factors in developing successful business strategies. Many companies can use social media in order to focus on inbound marketing- the art of getting customers to come to you rather than chasing them.


It’s true there are countless business promotion tools that you can choose from, but the first step in creating a marketing plan is to figure out which social media tool will be the best for your specific business model.

Look at your customer or your target audience. Jot down a profile of your ideal customer type. Obviously you will have more than one type of customer, but this exercise will help you pinpoint your ideal client.

Once you describe your ideal customer, figure out where you would most likely reach this customer via social media. You need to consider age as a factor when choosing where you will spend most of you social media marketing time. If your ideal customer is older and family-oriented, than focusing on Facebook might be the most valuable use of your time.

Another network this type of customer might take part in would be Linkedin. Linkedin allows individuals with similar business pursuits connect online by building connections. On Linkedin, a diverse range of professionals can stay updated about their current areas of business and industries. Linkedin also helps professionals stay informed about open positions and the state of the job market.

For the younger generation, Twitter is a useful and relevant social media marketing tool. Younger generations consume information rapidly and efficiently, which is why Twitter is one of the best tools used to reach them. Rather than sifting through emails, younger people want to skim their Twitter feed for the information or offers that apply to their day-to-day lives.

Along with social media, businesses should focus on writing unique content for their company websites and blog sites. Writing about topics your customers care about will attract their attention and gain their interest.

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